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  • The date for the St. John Chrysostom Parish Oratorical Festival at St. George will be held April 15, 2018 at 1:30pm. Contact Eleni to sign up!

(See service calendar (homepage) for a list of updated services/times)

  • Friday, March 30: Presanctified Liturgy 8:30am; Small Compline with Cannon of St. Lazarus 7pm

  • Sunday, April 15: St George Parish Oratorical Festival 1:30pm
  • Saturday, April 21: District Oratorical Festival
  • Saturday, April 21: St. George Fundraiser in the evening - Location and Time to be announced! Save the date!
  • Sunday, April 22: Feast of St. George (Philoptochos event)
  • Saturday, May 5: Cretan Dance @ St. George
  • Sunday, May 6: Parish Assembly Meeting (please ensure your stewardship is current)
  • Sunday, May 20: Cretan Memorial and Hellenic Genocide Memorial
  • Sunday, May 27: Sunday of Pentecost; GOYA end of year celebration

...Many more events planned! Be sure to check back often!



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